Armageddon of Scarletts Garden
Ch. Chilli Pepper of Lowstonecreek

20/01/2005, red tabby mc./w

Gr.Int.Ch. Kimba of Wild Bumble-Bee, 27/05/2002, blue smoke /w Pahokees Perry Rhoden, black Pahokees Purple-Rain
Willowplace Charivari
Evita of Cherryland, silver torbie /w Beauti White Benjamin of Cherryland
Eve vom Estetal
Racoon Mountain Ajscha, 10/08/2003, silver torbie cl/w Julian Caeptain Ballou, red silv.tby cl./w Ali vom Katzenrech
Simi Prinzessin Leia
Alice from Blue Prince Myron, black tabby mc./w Prinz Myron vom Schloss Silberborn
Chilly of Maine Flame
Isis of Baxter State Park

, silver tabby cl./w

Malachi of Mont Royal, black /w Kekum Coons Grizly Bear, black tabby cl. Gr.Eur.Ch. Highlander Child of Maine
Beaverscove Gracy
Ch. Shannon of Mont Royal, black torbie cl./w Eur.Ch. Snow Mountain Frisco Kid
Eur.Ch. Emcee Chanel of Beam Beauty
Seravin the Pretty Dancer, silver torbie mc. Guldfakse Cougar, red tabby mc. Int.Ch. MtKittery Bemis
Cozy Farm Ginger Roger
Laura the Pretty Dancer, silver tabby cl./w Int.Ch. Guldfakse Ottawa
Langstteich Acadia