Yankee Cats Vincent van Gogh
Ch. Falko vom Engelshuegel

06/11/2004, blue smoke /w

Gr.Int.Ch. TheFlirt Elliot, 28/01/2002, creamsilv.tby mc/w Woodwalkers Freezbee, blue tabby mc./w Kentucky of Summerplace
Isis of Highchurch Manor
Gr.Int.Ch. Dreamflame the Flirt, bluesilv.torbie cl Gr.Int.Ch. Charmeur Lauser
Ch. Blackstones Bonny-Sue
Ch. Kessy vom Schafirrsee, 31/07/2002, blue Kaept'n Blaubaer vom Schafirrsee, blue smoke Pirti of Faberge
Ruby of Faberge
Doublebee Milky Way Blue, blue silv.tabby cl Tara PaciFic-Blue
Ch. Tobermory Tanita Blue
Mainewalk Laura

31/07/2006, silver torbie cl.

SGC SaraJen Bommerlunder of Juniatas, IW, 23/09/2004, silver tabby cl. SGC SaraJen Scoresby, IW, red silv.tby cl./w Ch. Coonoquan Brannan of Fogcity
TGC Mainesuspect India Pale of SaraJen, RW
Mainesuspect Caol Ila of SaraJen, black tabby cl./w Ch. Cooneyisle Buster Brown
Ch. Meowy-Kazowy Emma Peel of Mainesuspect
Int.Ch. Beaverscove Peaches of Mainewalk, 08/05/2002, red tabby cl. Ch. Jollymoggy Little Lion of Beaverscove,RW, red tabby cl. Int.Ch. Heartbreaker of Magic Cottage
Ch. Kimberly of Chamberlain
DGC Unicat Cherrypie of Beaverscove, red tabby cl. Gr.Int.Ch. Coonmora Kris Kringle of Unicat
Unicat My Girl Lollipop